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Effect of adding spoiler

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More and more cars are fitted spoiler like flipping in their rear trunk lid outer ends,to make the cars originally with gorgeous appearance add more charming and creative.

Many people think that the novel and beautiful car spoiler is fitted for decoration by manufacturer just for beauty.In fact,the main purpose is, it can effectively reduce the air resistance and save fuel when the car moving at a high speed.

According to the principle of gas dynamic analysis,we know that cars will encounter air resistance in the process of moving,the resistance can be divided into three aspects on the longitudinal,lateral and vertical force,the speed and the air resistance are directly proportional to square,so the faster the speed,the greater the air resistance.In general,when the speed over 60km/h,air resistance has an obvious effect on cars.In order to reduce and overcome the air resistance efficiently when the car moving at a high speed,people design the car spoiler,its role is to make the air do the fourth effect on cars.To the adhesion of the ground,it can offset part of the lift,take control of cars coming-up,reduce wind resistance,by this way,it can make the car close to the road when moving.So as to improve the stability of driving.Its shape and size are determined by designer after accurating calculation,they should not be too big nor too small,otherwise,it will increase the driving resistance of the car or it can’t affect its own effect.In addition to reduce the resistance when cars moving at a high speed,adding spoiler also can do certain help to save fuel.Based on displacement 1.8 litres of cars,if they are fitted spoilers,the coefficient of air resistance will be reduced by 20%,on the general road,fuel consumption may not be reduced obviously,but it can save about 14% when driving on the highway.

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