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2014 11-05
How to Fix Body Kits?

Body kits are aftermarket parts that replace the front bumper, side skirts and rear bumper of a car or truck. Body kits are usually damaged by hitting an object on the road or by getting too close to a curb

2014 11-05
How to Remove Body Side Molding?

Body side molding varies according to the year, make, and model of your vehicle. However, body side molding can be removed if you are working on your vehicle and need

2014 11-05
How to Refinish Window Trim?

Window trim is especially susceptible to aging and fading because of its high exposure to ultraviolet light and condensation. Refinishing your window trim will give your windows

2014 11-05
How to Install a Bumper Guard?

Bumper guards, both permanent and removable, are automotive accessories designed to protect car bumpers that you can install. The guards can prevent car dings

2014 11-05
How to Attach a Roof Rack?

A roof rack provides extra storage space for luggage and other objects, as well as bicycles and other recreational tools. To sturdy your personal items to the rack, the rack must be properly

2014 11-05
How to Use a Roof Rack?

A roof rack can be used to carry a canoe, luggage, bike and many other larger objects that do not fit inside your trunk. When you haul items on a roof rack, the primary objective is to make sure

2014 11-05
How a Car Spoiler Works?

A spoiler is a structure built into the body of car, usually on the back of the car behind the rear window, which is designed to reduce wind resistance by disrupting inefficient airflow

2014 11-05
What Is the Purpose of a Car Spoiler?

Car spoilers have two main purposes. The first is to reduce the amount of drag created by the vehicle, thus increasing its speed. The second is to generate a downward force on the tires

2014 11-05
What is the spoiler?

Spoiler, called slingshot autosculpt by professionally,is an automotive aerodynamic device.Currently, fitting an spoiler has become young drivers a way of fashion and personality

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